Enviro-Spellathon - Promoting Ecoliteracy

The Enviro-Spellathon has been an annual activity conducted with schools in the Abu Dhabi Emirate by the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi since the year 2001. It aims to help promote ecoliteracy and inculcate awareness about the local flora, fauna and local environmental issues among students of Abu Dhabi through a structured academic exercise.

Enviro-Spellathon – a Unique Program

  • • sustained programme that grows on the child
  • • targets students en masse in a structured way
  • • promotes and enhances ecoliteracy as well as language and vocabulary skills
  • • instills sound environment behaviour or ethics among growing youth for a sustainable future

About the Enviro-Spellathon

  • • It addresses 7 levels of students from below 7 years to 13 years of age.
  • • It consists of 7 levels of attractive books for children designed by the Agency covering aspects of the UAE’s biodiversity and other environmental issues such as water, waste and so on.
  • • Interested schools appoint a Spellathon Coordinator/s who book the required number of booklets at each level.
  • • Teachers have the option of either using the books as a teaching tool or distributing the books for students to learn by themselves or with their parents at home.
  • • Students are tested on the information given in the booklet through a simple, fun test.
  • • Students who score between 60 percent and 80 percent receive attractive certificates while students who score 80 percent and above receive gifts besides the certificates.