Why eLearning?

Ideally, the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi would like to support every teacher in Abu Dhabi through its hands on interactive and participatory teacher training programmes. However, the reality is that while face-to-face training programmes are highly effective, they are also often bound by time, space and resource requirements. Two factors that have clearly affected the number of teachers participating in the training programmes offered by the Agency so far are distance and timing. Schools in Abu Dhabi are dispersed far and wide in the Emirate and sometimes distances hinder teachers from attending the training programmes offered by the Agency. Being a multicultural country, schools in the UAE also follow various curricula with differing school and examination schedules. The EAD wishes to employ eLearning technology to overcome the challenges of access and also because it believes that teachers could easily gain a lot from the interactive and communicative features of technology. “Technology, when combined with effective pedagogy and reflective teaching, will transform capacity building." Technology, not only provides the opportunities for scaling but also “has the potential to transform the educational transaction towards a Community of Practice". (D.R Garrison and Terry Anderson, E-Learning in the 21st Century: A Framework for Research and Practice, 2003)